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About Integrity Plumbing and Drain

Integrity Plumbing and Drain, Inc. has served the South Florida community since 1985 providing general plumbing and remodeling services for residential and commercial properties.

We serve a wide variety of clients and customers, from private estates on Palm Beach to small rental apartments throughout Palm Beach County. No matter what, everyone gets top quality service.

Our staff is specially trained for every job and we use the finest tools and practices in the industry. From maintenance and repairs to new installations, each job is carefully considered so all of our clients receive the best service possible.

Every company vehicle can be easily identified with our branded logo and all of our plumbing professionals arrive dressed in uniform, so you know the right people came to the right place. We also take special measures to make sure your home or business is left in pristine condition.

Matthew Woods, Owner
Integrity Plumbing & Drain, Inc.

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“I called Integrity to replace our sewer pipes. The work was of the highest caliber and the cost was vary reasonable. Now I call them for all of our plumbing work. The guys are always very nice and the work is consistently excellent. I highly recommend them.”

— Linda M., West Palm Beach

“I had a problem with one of my drains. It was backing up. I got a quote from one company of $700 for the repair, but, thank goodness I called Integrity for a second quote. Integrity only charged $200 and the work was done right away! Thanks, Integrity.”

— Martha D., Lake Clarke Shores

Just a little thank you from one of our customers!

“Thank you so much for taking care of our leak with such care. You are the best. We appreciate all of your help.”

— A thankful family

Tips from Matt

  • You know the old adage, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown flush it down” – well think again! Letting it mellow may cause a costly plumbing bill down the road. Urine contains calcium and over time a potty clogging deposit of calcium may form in your pipes. So don’t let the yellow mellow overnight.
  • When you plunge your toilet, put a small hole in a garbage bag and put the plunger handle through it. When you go to plunge, drape the garbage bag over the toilet, and prevent any wayward splashes from escaping the bowl.
  • Was your kid playing submarine in the toilet? Instead of plunging for lost toys, which might push them further down, use a wet/dry shop vac to pull out the obstruction.
  • Matt’s Holiday Tip: While cooking up a storm for Thanksgiving, please remember not to put all of your potato peels in the garbage disposal. Unless you want a visit from Integrity plumbers, that is! Only add small quantities of food garbage (no eggshells!) to the disposal at a time, while continuously running the water to prevent a clog or malfunction. Happy cooking!
  • Did you know that ‘flushable’ wipes are NOT flushable? They do not disintegrate quickly like TP, clogging pipes, sewers, and water treatment machinery, costing you and your city thousands!

    So, give your local plumber and city workers a rest, and don’t flush those wipes!

Google Reviews

Patricia Perez Abreu
Patricia Perez Abreu
15:28 28 Sep 18
Jeff was great, he did an amazing job, clean, professional and on time! I completely recommend him!
Timothy Gibbs
Timothy Gibbs
15:23 28 Sep 18
Jeff from Integrity has handled all plumbing related aspects of a Palm Beach home renovation on which I am the superintendent. This guy is an absolute wizard. He’s professional in his approach, on time each day, and a knowledgeable and talented tradesman.
Maryellen Cantera
Maryellen Cantera
23:22 25 Sep 18
From Kari that answers the phone to the guys that come to do the repair, their service is spot on! How happy was I that they came the same day? Pretty darn happy! They were there on time and got to work. Integrity really is the best. Thanks everyone
Jim Woods
Jim Woods
22:23 25 Sep 18
I have been using Integrity Plumbing for over 8 years and found them to be honest and reliable. As a property manager, dealing with plumbing problems and tenants, Integrity keeps me informed and my tenants happy. There staff communicates quickly and solves problems. I recommend them highly.
Kembler Vlogs
Kembler Vlogs
22:02 25 Sep 18
Excellent, professional service!
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