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Backflow Testing, Repair and Installation in West Palm Beach


Integrity Plumbing and Drain, Inc. employs top-notch technology and equipment combined with years of experience to perform backflow testing, repair and installation in West Palm Beach.

plumbing and drain offersBackflow is the unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction in any pipeline or plumbing system caused by a sudden change in water pressure. Backflow can contaminate the public water supply when there is a cross connection between the public water supply line and private water system resulting in serious health risks.

Backflow prevention devices are installed to prevent potentially hazardous substances from entering public water supply. The state mandates that all businesses have certified and tested backflow prevention devices, while the requirement for private residences is circumstantial. Sources of cross connection in a private residence include an auxiliary water system, cooling system or irrigation system. In the state of Florida, if you have a pool, you are required to have a backflow preventer installed.

At Integrity Plumbing, we will work with you to determine if your home or business poses a backflow hazard risk and select the right type of backflow prevention device for your needs.

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Backflow Testing

Businesses and other large meter customers are required by the state of Florida to install, maintain, annually test and certify their backflow assemblies to make sure they are properly calibrated. Integrity Plumbing and Drain, Inc. is licensed to perform backflow testing, repair and installation on backflow devices.

Testing is required at the time of installation, annually and after any repair or replacement of the backflow prevention device.

If your backflow device passes the test, Integrity Plumbing and Drain will certify and submit the certification paperwork to the state so you are in good standing.

Backflow Repairs

Conducting a field test and analyzing the data is the only way to diagnose that a backflow assembly is in need of repair. If the test results show that the assembly performance has fallen below the minimum standard, the device will need to be repaired or replaced.

The goal is to return the assembly back to its original factory working specifications so it performs above the minimum standard. Repairs can range from needing to replace just a few rubber parts or having to replace hardware inside the backflow device. These devices are intended to last for decades, but regional conditions such as water pressure, water quality, temperature or turbidity, can affect the lifespan of a backflow preventer.

Backflow Installation

A new backflow assembly can be installed for the purpose of protecting the service of water to the public (commercial) or to protect the municipal water supply by preventing the backflow of a specific piece of water-using equipment, such as a pool or irrigation system (residential). Commercial backflow device installations are governed by the state, while it is the water purveyor’s responsibility to ensure everyone gets safe water (this varies by city and county).

Types of backflow assemblies:

Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ)

A Reduced Pressure Zone backflow assembly is the most common type of backflow preventer. It is used for protection of the potable water supply.

Double Check (DC)

A Double Check backflow assembly is used on fire sprinkler systems. It is used in fire prevention and has a higher flow rate than the RPZ.

For more information on how Integrity Plumbing and Drain, Inc. is able to provide the best backflow testing, repair and installation West Palm Beach has to offer, feel free to call us at 561-310-6435 or fill out the inquiry form on our Contact Us page.