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Depend on Integrity Plumbing and Drain to keep your plumbing systems in good order. Our full range of commercial and residential plumbing services include backflow testing, repair and certification.

If you have a backflow device on your residential or commercial plumbing system, our plumbers can perform backflow testing to ensure that your system is working right. This type of testing should be completed annually to prevent damage, and we submit all of the paperwork to your utilities department to keep you in compliance.

We are backflow certified:

  • Check back pressure conditions
  • Backflow prevention
  • Backflow testing
  • Backflow repair and installation
  • We are available for emergency service 24 hours a day. 7 days a week

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*DISCLAIMER: $49.95 Offer good for first-time customers ONLY.  This offer does not include the cost of repairs, if needed.

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$149.95 Preventative Home Leak Inspection*

As one of the most important components in your home, an efficient plumbing system is essential. In order to ensure this efficiency, proper maintenance for your plumbing is an absolute must. After all, nothing is worse than a sudden breakdown or malfunction, leaving you with water damage to your home or without water entirely. For peace of mind, rely on our trained plumbers at Integrity Plumbing and Drain to provide your home with a vital preventative leak inspection.

As any homeowner can attest, it is best to catch small problems before they become large ones. It is far easier to put a stop to something when it has just started, rather than when it has gone too far. With a preventative inspection of your home and plumbing system, you can rest assured that a small leak will not grow larger, resulting in extensive and costly damage to your home.

Inspection Includes:

Water Heater:

  • Check main valve
  • Inspect for signs of leaking
  • Check water temperature


  • Inspect faucet for leaks
  • Check that the faucet is secure
  • Check under sink for signs of leaks
  • Inspect garbage disposal for proper operation


  • Inspect areas around toilets for signs of leaking
  • Check stability of toilet
  • Check shut off valves on toilets*
  • Check proper function of fill valve on toilets
  • Dye test the toilet tanks to check for silent leaks
  • Check for proper drainage in tubs/showers/sinks
  • Check for reliable operation of all faucets
  • Check under sinks for leaks
  • Check connections/traps for signs of leaking


  • Check washing machine hoses for signs of leaking/potential leaks
  • Check main valve to home and provide location and type information
  • Check for outdoor spigot leaks

With a professional leak inspection, we can catch problems before they get worse, saving you from the worry and costs of emergency plumbing repairs.

If our plumbers find a leak at the time of inspection, we will offer our repair services at a 10% discount.

*Add $9 for homes with 4-5 bathrooms. Add $18 for homes with 6 or more bathrooms.

**DISCLAIMER: This offer is good for first-time customers ONLY. The Integrity Plumbing and Drain offer of preventative home leak inspection is a good faith attempt to catch problems before they arise and become more expensive for the homeowner. Piping behind walls and/or interior of piping is not part of the inspection. Integrity is not to be held accountable for future leaks or plumbing problems, but will be happy to help you fix them. Work that is recommended, but declined at time of recommendation, shall be charged at the regular price if done at a later date.

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