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Clogged Drain West Palm Beach


The experienced, professional plumbing and sewer line specialists at Integrity Plumbing & Drain, Inc. can perform any inspection, repair or cleaning to clear your clogged drain in West Palm Beach and all of South Florida.

With 24-hour plumbing service, our staff is just a phone call away and ready to fix even the toughest drain and sewer line clogs. Say goodbye to store-bought liquid plumbing products that are just a temporary fix for a larger problem — let us give you the best solution to a clogged drain in West Palm Beach.

Video Diagnosis

Because sewer lines are buried underground, it can be next to impossible to know the condition of your property’s sewer lines and drain system. To quickly and efficiently identify any cracks, leaks, defects or blockage in your sewer lines, Integrity Plumbing & Drain, Inc. employs the most advanced technologies to perform in-line camera sewer inspections.

With a video inspection of your sewer lines, you can inspect, locate and determine how to fix defective sewer piping — all without destroying or harming the pipes themselves.


If you’re experiencing the early signs of sewer problems — such as gurgling toilets and drains, foul odors and abnormally slow drains — it might be time for a sewer line repair. Tree roots are the most common cause of cracks and leaks in sewer lines, especially in older homes; additionally, these tree roots can eventually block a sewer line, causing troublesome backups and blockage.

Integrity Plumbing & Drain, Inc. is also highly qualified to perform sewer replacements using trenchless pipe replacement technology. Trenchless sewer line repairs and replacement require just one access hole to be dug, preserving your property’s landscaping and significantly cutting down on costs.

Small Drains

If you’re noticing low water pressure and stoppage in your home’s toilet, sink, bathtub or shower, your drains are likely being blocked by stubborn debris. Integrity Plumbing & Drain, Inc. provides fast, affordable clogged drain cleaning to all of West Palm Beach and Southern Florida.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a trusted and professional plumbing service for your clogged drain in West Palm Beach. By investing in a professional drain cleaning now, you can avoid plumbing emergencies in the future and extend the life of your home’s plumbing system.

For any plumbing concern or emergency, feel free to call 561-310-6435.

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