The Absolute Best Way to Diagnose Your Drain Problems

How old is your house? When was the last time you had work done on your home’s pipes or plumbing fixtures? Have you noticed slow drainage or leaks in sewer lines? It may be time to look into professional piping and drainage solutions.

Sewers that are more than 40 years old probably need replacing, because the old piping materials begin to crack after so many years. Slow drainage can be a sign that your pipes are cracked and leaking.

While there are many things that can damage to sewer lines, causing the need for repairs (accidents, floods, gradual wear, etc.), the most common cause of damage in homes built before 1970 is tree roots growing into the joints of the pipes. The easiest, and most cost effective way to inspect your drains for roots is to have a licensed plumber perform a video drain inspection of your pipes without digging up your yard. A video drain inspection can save you hundreds of dollars by pinpointing the source and cause of a problem without performing unnecessary work.

Once the problem is diagnosed, isn’t it expensive to replace old pipes? With the old piping materials, the cost of laying new pipe lines could become exorbitant, but since ABS pipe is fairly inexpensive and easily available it is now the go-to choice for new drain and vent lines in a house, and ABS pipe can be installed indoors or out, above ground or below. Another less expensive option is PVC pipe. PVC pipe and fittings are used just like ABS pipe for sewers, but when PVC is chosen for a drain it must be a PVC pipe made specifically to use as a drain pipe, that way it will have the proper drainage sweeps. No more slow drainage!

If you have plumbing problems, don’t wait until they’re out of hand. Deal with them now, while the expenses are more of a slow draining leak in your pocket, rather than a full on flood.


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